HGNH International Financial Co. Ltd is proud of providing exchange traded futures & options execution and clearing service for 25 global exchanges through our four subsidiaries. 


  • Asia Pacific 

China:  Overseas Intermediary of INE, DCE and ZCE 

by both HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd and HGNH International Financial (Singapore) PTE. Ltd.

Hong Kong(China)HKFE Exchange Participant/Futures Commission Merchant, HKCC Clearing Participant

by HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd.

Singapore: APEX trading member and clearing member, SGX derivatives market trading member and clearing member by HGNH International Financial (Singapore) PTE. Ltd.

Dubai: DME Clearing Member by Nanhua USA LLC, DGCE trading member

by HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd.

​Japan: TOCOM Remote Broker Member

by HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd. 

  • North America 

United State: CME Group, including CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX, clearing member, ICE US clearing member

by Nanhua USA LLC


  • Europe 

United Kingdom: ICE Europe General Participant 

by HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd.

Germany: Eurex Exchange Participant Non-Clearing Member 

by HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd.

Netherlands: Euronext Trading member 

by HGNH International Futures Co., Ltd.

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