We offer various of stable, secure, fast and reliable trading platforms and API connections to meet the different requirements from our clients. We support the following products: 

Futures & Options:

  • E-PAUL Global Trading
  • EPOLESTAR 9.3 Client version, API version

  • MC8

  • CQG Integrated Client, CQG Qtrader, CQG desktop, CQG API 



  • Flush software Universal version

  • Flush software Commissioned version

  • Flush software Mobile version

  • Ayers GTSlite

  • Ayers WEB Trading

We also offer the Co-location service in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Chicago IDC.

  • Tier 1 main and disaster recovery IDCs​​​

    • We provide DMA services to variety exchanges and co-locations/proximity hosting for high frequency trading or automated trading clients. 

  • World Class Network Facilities

    • We have IDCs in Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Chicago. Two IDCs in Hong Kong and Hangzhou have dual dedicated lines connections and deploy all the environments most exchanges have and need. The redundancy ensures the failover or operation switching within 5 mins and provides lour clients with high quality, stable and high efficient trading “Express Way”.   

  • Advanced proprietary system—Nanhua 2nd generation ultra-speed system​

    • NHTD2 (Order Entry): High performance, internal latency less than 1μs, similar API interface to CTP which is easy for development;

    • NHMDultra (Market Data): “Zero” transmission latency, supports all kinds of multicast market data, high efficient API with spinning process and extracting the fastest market data from multiple data feeds.

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